South Sacramento Quilts for Kids

We make quilts for kids in crisis from donated and discontinued fabric.

Quilt Guidelines

Following these quick guidelines will ensure that your quilt meets hospital standards for kids.

We also donate quilts to homeless and foster children. These quilts do not need to meet as rigorous standards. They should still be machine sewn, washable, and comfortable. 



Check out our downloadable patterns. If using your own pattern, please avoid any "flaps" or projections that might catch on IV tubes.

Rag quilts, although soft, shed too many fibers that can be sucked into medical equipment. Hand appliqué will not stand up to the repeated washings for these quilts.


1/8” - 1/4” LOW LOFT batting - can be polyester, cotton or a blend as long as it is a low loft batting. Warm and Natural or White and Warm  do not require as close quilting.


 NICU quilts: 36” Square

Crib/lap quilts: approximately 38” x 45”

Teen quilts: up to 50"x55" 

Assembling the Quilt

All quilts must be machine pieced and machine quilted (please do not use mono-filament or metallic thread). The quilts require a good amount of machine quilting since they go through a washer and dryer cycle daily. Don’t forget to quilt in the borders! Please do not hand-tie the quilts. Hand-tied quilts can be a potential choking hazard and do not hold up to the daily washings they go through.

Please Check for Pins!

It is safer to use larger pins with brightly-colored glass heads or larger plastic quilting pins….it is easier to find them. 


100% cotton (regular or flannel*). Please do not use polar fleece. The kids love brightly colored, kid friendly fabrics and appreciate color-coordinated quilts. Polyester may cause static, affecting medical equipment. *Cheaper flannels can quickly pill and become rough. Wash and dry flannels twice before putting in the work – you will be able to tell if they are suitable.

Wash the Quilt

Wash and dry your quilt using fragrance-free products because of possible allergic reactions. Use only fragrance-free fabric softener - Downy, a national Quilts for Kids sponsor, has a fragrance-free product: Downy Ultra Free and Sensitive.

If you share your home with a pet, please place the quilt directly into a plastic bag right out of the dryer. We love 'em, but some children have allergic reactions.