South Sacramento Quilts for Kids

We make quilts for kids in crisis from donated and discontinued fabric.

Malissa's Story

This was the quilt that I got from headquarters that got me started! I loved this funky shoe pattern and wanted to make more after I was all done! :-)

I took my kit home and followed the instructions that came with my kit. Finally, that rotary cutter and mat I justified purchasing years ago came in handy! The quilt went together very easily and fairly quickly. I thought of the child that might receive it and hoped the quilt would bring a smile and maybe even help the healing process. Quilting was fun, and I was so proud of myself and what I had created. I thought I would make another. I headed to the fabric store and was bombarded by the bolts of adorable, brightly colored fabrics. I was officially hooked.

When the time came to ship my completed quilts back to headquarters, I was shocked by the cost of shipping. $10.00 could buy a lot of fabric to help the kids, and why couldn’t I donate my quilt locally? I checked out the website and found Cindy Nelson at the Davis QFK chapter. She was the closest to me so I could go to her to obtain quilt kits. I was energizing other people to quilt, and she told me that if I had that many volunteers I should start my own chapter. With the Davis chapter as my mentor, I am now the South Sacramento area chapter head.

 I have been completely overwhelmed with the generosity of our community. People are donating their time, their fabric, and their skills to help the sick kids in our region. Who says that one person can’t make a difference? One person can make a quilt and tell all their friends (or the Sacramento Bee) and pretty soon you have over 50 people helping. Who can’t help but get excited about that!

I still don’t consider myself a quilter. I am so busy with coordinating volunteers, cutting kits, and answering emails/phone calls that I don’t have the time to quilt. But, I now know people that quilt. You can be one of those people too. Just check out this website and find out how you can help (even if you never want to sew there are other tasks that will help). One stitch, one quilt, one child at a time…we can make a difference in the life of a sick child…together.